Organic Clean Eating / ​​​​​​Gluten free / Lactose free / No refined sugar 

We are passionate about the environment and aim to use the whole 
product as far as possible. For example, we use all the fibers that are left from our juice production in making our bread, muffins and other dishes.

Our vision is to provide healthy food for everyone in their daily life. It's not always easy to have all ingredients at home and most of us don't have the time to cook the food which is good for us. At Yolo you can eat with a clean conscience. 

Are you allergic to nuts?
Take a little extra look at the content of the meals, as we have a lot of nuts in our food, pastries and smoothies.
Please ask us if you are unsure!
At Yolo, you no longer have to book a table. Please come any time during our opening hours to have a full meal, a snack, a coffee or a glass of wine. Our aim is to provide a wide range of take-away as well. The possibility to rent Yolo for your private party is still possible. 
Upon request, email info@yolo.se


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