Yolo is a vegetarian restaurant with a 100% focus on vegetables, root vegetables and the right fats that benefit our intestinal flora and make us feel good. 
Yolo's menu is created out of a conscious sustainability perspective and contains some seafood but no meat, gluten, lactose or refined sugar.
At Yolo you can eat with a clean conscience while taking care of yourself and the environment.

We are passionate about the environment and aim to use the whole 
product as far as possible. For example, we use all the fibers that are left from our juice production in making our bread, muffins and other dishes.

Our vision is to provide healthy food for everyone in their daily life. It's not always easy to have all ingredients at home and most of us don't have the time to cook the food which is good for us. Our aim is to make it easier for you!

Yolo stays open on Valentine's Day and offers a wonderful tasting menu. For more information look under "Valentine's day"!

Take away, breakfast, lunch and Saturday brunch! All our food, juices and smoothies are available for take away. Now we also have breakfast Tuesday-Friday from 8 am. Homemade bread with a lot of delicious toppings, porridge and yoghurt with granola. On Saturdays we serve brunch with a special menu. See more under the "Brunch" tab. Read about what's happening at Yolo under the "News" tab.

Photographer: Sanna Olsson

At Yolo, you no longer have to book a table. Please come any time during our opening hours to have a full meal, a snack, a coffee or a glass of wine. You can also rent Yolo for your private party, work mingle or other social events. Upon request, email


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